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HerpClub is a herpetology group that seeks to increase public awareness of Indian amphibian and reptile research and conservation initiatives.


HerpClub is a herpetology group that seeks to increase public awareness of Indian amphibian and reptile research and conservation initiatives. We want HerpClub to be a forum where researchers and citizen scientists can collaborate, share news and updates, and have critical conversations about the herpetofauna of the region.


Early in 2019, HerpClub launched an Instagram page to promote Indian research on amphibians and reptiles. The HerpClub group got larger and larger every day thanks to consistent posts and engaging surveys. HerpClub has encouraged uploads that provide significant natural history observations of lesser-known herp species while discouraging images of animals being handled or that appear to be under stress.


Later, we expanded to Facebook and Twitter where we uploaded factsheets on Indian reptiles and amphibian species as well as summaries of herpetology research articles. To ensure that all of our members receive herpetological updates, we oversee a separate mailing list.

Read more about our major projects below:




The HC email list, which began as the "Indian Herpers' Collective'', has posted multiple job listings, notices for workshops and webinars, and a monthly HerpDigest that included a comprehensive list of research articles from each month. There are currently 1,072 herpers on the email list, who come from all around the world. Our Indian members are dispersed over all 28 states as well as 5 union territories.



HerpBuzz, our brand-new monthly newsletter, aims to encourage everyone's participation in herpetology and create a network of naturalists who collaborate to advance our understanding of the herpetofauna of India. Instead of serving as a journal for scientific research, this newsletter will act as a bulletin board and a discussion forum to which readers and HerpClub members can contribute

Herpetology Directory

Directory of Herpetologists in India, brought to you by the HerpClub is an ever-evolving directory, where you can find 'herp' people, whether they are seasoned herpetologists, faculties, researchers, or students interested in herpetology. You can find people working on a specific aspects of herpetology. The search can be taxa-specific as well. Find your next collaborator here!


SCALE, SLITHER, AND HOP: A Brief Introduction to Northeast India's Herpetology

HerpClub & Canopy Collective (2024).

With Support from DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance and Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru




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