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Saunak Pal

Saunak Pal

I am primarily interested in understanding the factors influencing the diversification and distribution of tropical reptiles. I have been involved in various studies across the Western Ghats, trying to understand the systematics and biogeography of endemic reptiles, particularly gekkonids and agamids. Currently, I am working as a research scientist at the natural history collection museum at the Bombay Natural History Society and I am involved in curating herpetofauna specimens as well as digitization of the collection. We use historical data in the form of museum specimens and associated distribution and natural history information to address data gaps for lesser-known reptiles and amphibians. At BNHS, I am also involved in various biodiversity mapping and conservation projects across the country.

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    Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)

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    Volunteers (unpaid positions), Interns (paid postitions), Masters students seeking an external thesis guide, Project assistants/ associates

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