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The Directory of
Herpetologists in India

How to use?

Welcome to the Directory of Herpetologists in India, brought to you by the HerpClub! This is an ever-evolving directory, where you can find 'herp' people, whether they are seasoned herpetologists, faculties, researchers, or students interested in herpetology.

How to use this directory?

1. This page shows all entries in the directory. You can browse the directory using the filters on the left pane. You can filter people working on a specific aspects of herpetology. The search can be taxa-specific as well. Use the check-boxes to find your next collaborator!

2. Once you find someone, click on their picture to head towards their profile. You'll find detailed information about the person and contact details. Use the social media share buttons at the end of each profile to share the profile!

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